Plan your trip to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the second largest island in the Caribbean. To be able to see all major highlights in the Country you will need at least a month. Therefore planning your trip is a must in order to get the full experience of the island. To make the decision making easier we will help you to plan your trip to the Dominican Republic in 5 steps:

Plan your trip to the Dominican Republic

Plan your trip to the Dominican Republic in 5 steps


Step 1. What are you looking for?
To plan your trip to the Dominican Republic you should start with asking yourself the following question: what am I looking for in my holiday? Do I want to have a relaxed or adventurous holiday? Do I want to stay in an all-inclusive resort or a self-service apartment? Do I want to travel within the country or visit just one spot? Do I want to stay in or nearby a city or do I want to stay in the middle of nowhere? Take a look around on Explore Dominican Republic to get a better understanding of the country, the options you have and the options that might fit you in the best way possible. 

Step 2. Collecting information
So you know the type of holiday you are looking for? The next step is finding where that holiday you are looking for is located! Finding the region of the island that is right for you and your vacation is very important. Different regions of the Dominican Republic will appeal to different vacationers. For example, the La Romana region is agricultural and has exciting, luxurious nightlife, while the southwest part of the island is more desert-like and less crowded. If you do not collect the necessary research before going on your vacation, you could end up in an area of the island that may not be exactly what you anticipated. 

Step 3. Budgeting
Once you’ve done a little research about the accommodation options, transport and things to do, you will have an idea about how much things will cost. Write down how much you intend to spend on items such as travel costs, lodgings, food, entertainment, shopping, and extras. Be sure to consider gratuities and always set aside some extra money in case of an emergency. Knowing your budget is important when planning your trip to the Dominican Republic, and key when deciding upon what to do and where to stay. Here you can find more information about costs in the Dominican Republic.

Step 4. Making Decisions
After research and budgeting, the next step is to start finalizing some plans. Now it is the time to make those hard and fast decisions regarding when you will go, how you will get there, where you will stay, and what you will do once you are there. Plan your trip to the Dominican Republic well, and you will have an unforgettable holiday! 

Step 5. Booking Your Trip
The final step in planning your trip to the Dominican Republic is to book it! Assure to keep a record of your travel information, and any confirmation numbers that may be needed in order to prove that you reserved a flight, room or activity. Doing your homework will ensure that you know just what kind of vacation is in store.

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