Money and costs in the Dominican Republic

The national currency of the Dominican Republic is called Dominican Pesos. 1 USD = +/- 47 $RD (DOP – Dominican Peso). The Dominican Republic is one of the cheapest destinations in the Caribbean. Here you can do relatively a lot with a low budget. However when having some money to spend you can get a wealth of luxury without breaking your wallet. Note about money and costs in the Dominican Republic: in most tourist areas, hotels and restaurants USD are accepted, however you might be charged slightly more.


Money and costs in the Dominican Republic


Money and costs in the Dominican Republic

Here you can find an overview with example products and services and their costs in the Dominican Republic.

Low cost Holiday US$60

  • Budget room: RD$1000 (US$22)
  • Meal at local eatery: RD$200 (US$5)
  • Drinks from grocery stores – small bottled water RD$15 (US$0.30) and six-pack of 12oz Presidente beer RD$95 (US$2)
  • Take motoconchos (motorcycle taxis) and guaguas (small buses) to get around starting at RD25 (US$0.50)

Mid range cost Holiday US$60 – 200

  • All-inclusive resort rooms starting at: RD$2500 (US$53)
  • Meal at normal restaurant: RD$400 (US$8)
  • First-class bus tickets between major destinations: RD$500 (US$11)
  • Join group tours for activities like snorkeling, hiking etc RD$2500 (US$53)

High end cost Holiday US$200

  • Beachfront 5 star resort: RD$8500 (US$200)
  • Meal at top restaurant in cities or toursit area: RD1500 (US$32)
  • Rental car starting at RD$1500 (US$32) per day.
  • Limousine services starting at RD$4000 (US$80)



Money and costs in the Dominican Republic

ATM’s can be found throughout the DR. Most charge fees around RD$100 (US$ 2) per transaction and have relatively low withdrawal limits of RD$15000 (US$320). Credit and debit cards are widely accepted in cities and tourism related businesses, Visa and MasterCard is more common than American Express. Many tourist-related businesses, including most midrange and top-end hotels, list prices in US dollars, but accept pesos.


Money and costs in the Dominican Republic

A shock to many first-timers, by law most restaurants add a whopping 28% (ITBIS of 18% and an automatic 10% service charge) to every bill. Menus normally indicate whether prices include the tax and tip. Additional tipping in restaurants is generally not expected since 10% is automatically added to the total. If especially impressed, you can add whatever else you feel is deserved. In taxis we would recommend to give a little extra change or round up the amount.

Hotels include a 10% service charge often automatically; however, a US$1 to US$2 per night gratuity left for cleaning staff is worth considering, as the minimal salary in the Dominican Republic is as low as around RD$9000 (US$195) per month. Most locals have difficulties to cover monthly expenses, tips are therefore important in order to help the local community.

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