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Dominicans call their cuisine comida criolla, it’s a delicious blend of Spanish, African and Taino elements, with interesting regional variants across the island. for instance island-grown tomatoes, papaya, tomatoes, passion fruit, citrus fruits, passion fruit, yucca, rice and sweet potatoes are some of the delicious local products being used. 


Food and Drinks in the Dominican Republic

La Bandera is the national dish, comprising white rice, stewed meat, red beans, salad and fried plantains.

When looking for tasty food and drinks in the Dominican Republic, then you should try the gut-busting La Bandera (‘The Flag’) as the national dish made with rice, chicken or beef, plantain, avocado yucca and salad is part of the best Dominican Republic Cuisine.

Meat dominates restaurant menus in the Dominican Republic, from grill restaurants, steak houses to hamburger restaurants. As for drinks, the country is well known for their A-quality rums made out of sugarcane. Offering some of the world’s best white, golden and aged rum. Also well known are the delicious fruit shakes known as batidas, made with fruit, milk sugar and crushed ice. Try these options when wanting to learn more about the Dominican Republic Cuisine

Dominican Food and Drinks Specialities:

  • La bandera: is the national dish, comprising white rices,stewed meat, red beans, salad and fried plantains.
  • Pipian de chivo: Goat stew, a spicy dish that is very popular in the northwest.
  • Asopao de pollo: Chicken and rice stew.
  • Mofongo: Mashed plantains with pork cracklings. Often seen as the preferred food option
  • Mondongo: Traditional countryside recipe of tripe and entrails stew.
  • Sancocho: A tasty stew served on special family occasions, packed with several kinds of meat, vegetables, and plantain.
  • Lechónasado: Suckling pig roasted on the spit, a popular feast at Christmas,
  • Chicharrones: Crispy pork rind, often eaten as a bar snack with chilled beer.
  • Chicharrones de pollo: Pieces of fried chicken.
  • Sopa criolla Dominicana: Soup of meat and vegetables.
  • Pastelón: Cake made of baked vegetables.
  • Ropa Vieja: Literally called ‘old clothes’, a stew of fried shredded beef, served with rice and salad.
  • Chimichurri: Pork or beef sandwich, cooked on the spit and sold in street stalls.
  • Presidente: The national Dominican beer, light lager, served chilled.
  • Rum: The country’s liquor of choice and the base for many cocktails or mixed with Coca-Cola/Sprite.
  • Coffee: Dominican coffee is excellent and served very strong, usually black; best varieties are Baracona, Ocoa and Bani.

Things to know:

Beef is slightly more expensive (Dominicans raise fine cattle, but most is exported). Local favourites are chicken, pork and goat meat. Locally produced beer and rums are cheaper than imported alcohol, which tends to be more expensive. Dominican Republic Cuisine is not that complicated, however full of great tastes.


Hotel and restaurant bills most of the time include a 10% service charge (on top of a 13% sales tax), but an additional tip may be given as an appreciation of good service.

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