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Tips for choosing the best flight to the Dominican Republic



  1. The Dominican Republic has lots of different things to see and to do. Therefore before you fly to the country, define where what exactly you are looking for and what region matches your preferences best. Click here for travel inspiration if you are still learning about where to go in the Dominican Republic.
  2. The Dominican Republic has several airports with Punta Cana being the largest one, Santo Domingo the 2nd and Puerto Plata the 3rd most popular. Click here when you are looking for an overview of all popular destinations.
  3. Are you looking for a cheap flight? Then try to fly outside high season (Beginning of December until the end of February) This could save you up to 80% of your flight costs!
  4. The Dominican Republic is relatively flexible when it comes to Visas and Passport requirements. Most people simply buy a tourist card on arrival. It is recommendable to verify in advance what visa is needed for your when travelling to the Dominican Republic.
  5. Be flexible. From some destinations there might not be daily flights to the Dominican Republic, therefore it is worth it verify several dates before booking your flight in order to find the most comfortable flight options and best prices.
  6. Travel light. More and more airlines have passengers pay additional fees when it comes to checked-in luggage. If possible, try to only take hand luggage at most airlines, you could save some money not having to buy additional luggage.
  7. Do you already know how to get from the Airport to your destination? Check the transportation options in the Dominican Republic here.
  8. Need help with planning your trip? Then click here. Or contact us at for travel services.
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