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  1. Driving in the Dominican Republic could be a challenge (mainly in the Santo Domingo Metropolitan Area) as roads can get very busy and traffic rules seem not always to be respected. For instance, speeding, ignoring road signs, traffic lights etc.
  2. Most roads are of very good quality, however keep in mind when traveling off the beaten track you might stumble upon unpaved roads or holes in the road.
  3. SUVs are popular in the Dominican Republic for a couple of reasons. When it rains some roads might get floated even in the major cities. Also when going offroad or on unpaved roads driving a higher vehicle is much more comfortable.
  4. Bring cash! In the Dominican Republic are several toll roads, the only way to pay here is in USD or Dominican Pesos. For instance, a trip from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo will costs you close to 10 USD or 500 DOP on toll roads.
  5. Travel outside High season if you’d like to save money. In the Dominican Republic, high season is from the beginning of December until the beginning of March. Ad demand is high during these dates the price goes up. If you’d like to save some money, traveling outside this season might make a difference. As discounts are applied of up to 70%.
  6. Rent at quality car rental companies! Unfortunately, people do get setup in the Dominican Republic, renting bad quality vehicles, untrustable car rental companies etc. Try to rent via trustable companies and use mainly Airport car rental companies.
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