Best time to visit the Dominican Republic

When thinking about the best time to visit The Dominican Republic, it is worth it taking in mind that there are two distinct tourist high seasons; the summer months of July and August when travelers from the northern part of the world fill the resorts. And the winter season between December and February, when the Dominican weather is at its best, having cooled down a little from the summer heat. You will save money traveling not in these months and have an easier time booking a hotel room on the spot. If you arrive during the spring or the autumn you’ll be finding much cheaper flights and hotel rooms.


Best time to visit the Dominican Republic

Best time to visit the Dominican Republic per month


Dominican Republic Low Season (Aug–early Dec)

A good time to travel. After April 15, hotel prices can drop as much as 50 percent. Cruise and airline prices also fall during this time of year and the island still hosts many activities. A bit more rain than the other months and chances are that a hurricane might visit. Temperatures don’t vary much (mountains an exception). 

Dominican Republic Shoulder Season (Mar–Jul)

March is generally one of the drier months in the north of the country and April weather can be idyllic throughout the country. Standard May to June forecast is pretty much always partly cloudy or partly sunny with a chance of afternoon showers. Hotel rates & flights are well priced except for some of the holidays during these months.

Dominican Republic High Season (Dec–Feb & Jul-Aug)

The Caribbean islands usually experience their high season during the winter months. December to February, July to August and the week before Easter are considered the High season. Expect higher hotel prices and crowded beaches. Most water sports are prohibited throughout the DR during the week before Easter. Weather is at its best from December to February, however weather generally all over the year is absolutely great.



keep in mind that the Dominican Republic gets hit by hurricanes once a while, which might disrupt your holiday. August and September is prime hurricane season, though smaller ones can occur in the months before and after.

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