Zip N Splash Adventure plus Horseback Riding and Petting Zoo

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  • Family friendly
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What You Can Expect

After hotel pickup, it’s just a 30 minute drive in an open safari truck to get from Puerto Plata City to the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua, one of the highest rated attractions on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Nature has crafted here some awe-inspiring pools, etched out of limestone, with stalactites and stalagmites in a thousand colors. Hike about 20-30 minutes uphill, and start to make way back down inside the 12 most beautiful of the cascades, by swimming, jumping, and sliding through the refreshing, crystal-clear water. The National Parks require that children be at least 8 years old to participate in the upper cascades. Younger children can have a swim at the first cascade but must be supervised at all times. (See important information regarding the waterfalls in the additional information section.)

Halfway back, heading towards Puerto Plata, arrive at the Country World Ranch in 15 minutes. After the meet and greet at the Country House Bar and a delicious lunch home-cooked over firewood, you will be equipped for the ziplines. A bottle of fresh drinking water will be attached to your harness to ensure that you stay well hydrated during this adventure. After the safety briefing, it’s time to feel the adrenaline on the 8 ACCT certified ziplines, with a total of more than 7,900 feet of galvanized, steel cable. The longest ride is 2,460 feet. No experience is required. Contrary to many other zipline parks you are not involved in any active braking, like using gloves for stopping. For your comfort, you can hold on to a handlebar. You will also be able to take pictures or videos with your own camera. Between the lines, there are some walking distances.

You determine your own speed and instructors will move at your pace. Feel free to try the local fruits in season fresh from the tree. A natural juice will also be prepared to boost you with fresh energy. On a relaxing countryside horseback ride, you can enjoy some breathtaking views. The horses are well-trained, fed and in the best health condition. The horseback ride included in this package is meant for beginners and children as well.

You will receive full basic riding instructions. With beginners and children, horses do not gallop, if not requested otherwise. Depending on riding skills and experience, the right horse will be found for everybody. Before heading back to the hotels, walk through a tropical garden where you can also take pictures with tame, exotic animals such as squirrel monkeys and parrots found there


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Short description

Enjoy the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua, 8 exciting ziplines, a horseback ride and a petting zoo with exotic animals. This full day of activities will get you deep in touch with yourself and Mother Nature. Do you love action, fun, adventure and nature? Then get ready for the most complete and exciting excursion on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

Activity type: Daily Activity
Activity departure time: 8:00 AM
Duration: Flexible
Minimum number of people: 1 person

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