Santo Domingo Trikke City Tour

Calle Padre Billini, Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic


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Activity Description

  • Explore the city of Santo Domingo aboard a Trikke, a 3-wheeled electric scooter
  • Take in a 4-D film about the history of the city
  • Follow your informative guide to all the important landmarks and highlights in town, enjoying informative commentary on the way
  • Instruction on how to operate the Trikke and all safety equipment are included


What You Can Expect

The experience begins with a 4D short-film about the history of the city of Santo Domingo. The film tells the true story of how the city during the 16th century. With the 4D technology you will be immersed into the film; it will feel like you are a part of the story.

After the film, there will be a short safety briefing where the guide will give instructions about how to ride the Trikkes. All participants will be able to take a few test rides to get comfortable. Next, the group will get on the Trikkes to begin the guided tour.

On the tour you will explore every corner of the old town of Santo Domingo. The tour will follow a cultural route and will have stops at every monument or point-of-interest. Your guides will be happy to capture photos of your experience throughout the tour.


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Short description

Naviagate a Trikke, a 3-wheeled electric scooter, through the streets of Santo Domingo during this 2-hour activity. Start your adventure with a dramatic 4D film about the history of Santo Domingo, then zip around the town following your experienced guide. Stop at all the important sights and landmarks, covering lots of ground and exploring every corner of the city. Learn about the culture and history of Santo Domingo along the way through your guide's informed commentary. Use of all safety equipment is included.

Activity type: Daily Activity
Activity opening hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Duration: 2 hours (approx.)
Minimum number of people: 1 person

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