Santo Domingo Shopping Tour with Visits to Amber Museum and Tobacco Factory

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Activity Description

  • 4-hour shopping tour in Santo Domingo
  • Browse through small and large stores in the UNESCO-listed Colonial Zone
  • Explore the wares at the Colonial Market and along the cobblestone Conde Street
  • Tour the Amber Museum and Tabacalera La Matilde, and pick up items from their gift shops
  • Find locally made clothing, crafts, jewelry and paintings
  • Choose a morning or afternoon departure time, depending on the day
  • Convenient hotel transport by air-conditioned minivan included


What You Can Expect

Visit a tobacco factory to see how cigars are made! Your 4-hour shopping tour in Santo Domingo begins with hotel pickup by air-conditioned minivan. Your guide will whisk you around some of the most popular spots to shop and help you find the perfect souvenirs of your Dominican Republic vacation. Depending on what you’re looking for — whether it’s clothing, crafts, jewelry or paintings — your guide points you to the right places and provides interpretation as needed.

First, soak up the colonial ambiance as you explore stores in the UNESCO-listed Colonial Zone, the city’s central historic neighborhood dating back to the 15th century. In the sprawling Colonial Market, find a wide array of locally made crafts under one roof, including jewelry, cigars, liqueurs, and Taino and ceramic art.

At the Amber Museum, learn about the gem’s history and creation, its varieties and mining processes. Dominican amber is known for its transparency and fossil inclusions; consider purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry made by expert craftsmen from the museum’s stylish boutique.

Visit Tabacalera La Matilde, a cigar factory where, during a tour, you’ll gain insight into how tobacco is processed and turned into cigars. Stop by the factory store and pick up a few for friends and family back home.

Wrap it up on Conde Street, known locally as Calle El Conde, a pedestrian-only cobblestone street. Browse through colorful artwork, larimar jewelry and other luxury items. Your tour ends with drop-off at your hotel.

Please note: A minimum of two people per booking is required.


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Short description

The Dominican Republic is known for its amber and larimar jewelry, cigars and handmade crafts. Allow an in-the-know guide to take you around to the right shops on this 4-hour shopping tour. Find beautiful and unique items inside the Colonial Market, along the pedestrian-only Conde Street and in the UNESCO-listed Colonial Zone. Round out your shopping blitz with visits to a tobacco factory and the Amber Museum, and don’t worry about getting back to your hotel on your own — round-trip transport is included.

Activity type: Daily Activity
Activity departure time: 9:00AM or 2:00PM
Duration: 4 hours (approx.)
Minimum number of people: 2 people

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