Punta Cana Small-Group Sailing and Snorkeling Catamaran Tour

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Activity Description

  • Small group catamaran cruise
  • Snorkel and swim in tropical waters
  • Relax in a comfortable hammock
  • Enjoy drinks at a floating bar
  • Round-trip hotel transport included

What You Can Expect

After arriving at the designated meeting point, you will board a beautiful 34-foot sailing catamaran and set sail through the shallow waters of Punta Cana. You will be taken to the natural reserve of Cabeza De Toro near Cabo Engaño for some time snorkeling with hundreds of colorful tropical fish. After snorkeling, the boat will sail very close to shore so you can enjoy the beautiful sights of untouched beaches without hotels. Then, the boat will anchor at a sand bar with waist deep water where the crew will serve drinks from a floating bar while you chill out. After spending time at the sand bar, you will board the boat and enjoy a relaxing ride back.


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    Tim Vernooy

    2 Reviews
    "Absolutely amazing experience"
    Totally loved the boat trip, they took us in a catamaran to amazing snorkeling spots and beaches. We had a blast!
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Short description

Set sail on the crystal blue waters surrounding Punta Cana on this small-group experience that's limited to just 16 guests. Swim in a nature reserve, snorkel in the seas and enjoy drinks aboard your comfortable catamaran. Relax in one of the boat's hammocks and let the crew paper you with strong tropical cocktails. Anchor in a sandbar and enjoy beverages from a floating bar as part of this wonderful water experience.

Activity type: Daily Activity
Activity departure time: 9:00AM or 2:00PM
Duration: 3 hours (approx.)
Minimum number of people: 1 person

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