Puerto Plata Sunset Beach Horseback Riding

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Activity Description

  • Ride horses at sunset in Puerto Plata
  • Enjoy dinner on the beach
  • Ideal for couples and riders of all skill levels
  • Escape the city for a night in nature
  • Free drinks included


What You Can Expect

sunset dinner After a short drive you will arrive at the beach where the horses are waiting saddled up and ready to go. Your friendly guide will help you with instructions and introduce your horse to you and then comes this magical moment that you have been waiting for.

The tour departs and gently takes you along the beach as the sun is setting and the island prepares for a lovely Caribbean night. Make your way along the beach and watch the sun and moon alternate and then we have a chance for a dip in the ocean with one of the horses who is not afraid to get wet so don’t forget your bathing suit.

After your ride, your guide will prepare a table on the beach overlooking the water and serve an absolutely delicious meal followed by desert. Afterwards, chill around the campfire and gaze at the stars while roasting marsh mellows over the fire. Life is good!



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Short description

Spend a picture-perfect evening riding horses on the quiet beaches of the Dominican Republic on this sunset Puerto Plata excursion. Escape the city streets and crowded resorts as you take to the shores of the Caribbean Sea. This memorable tour includes dinner by the water--and even an option to roast marshmallows on the beach. It's perfect for all skill levels and an ideal night of romance for honeymooners and couples.

Activity type: Daily Activity
Activity departure time: 4:00PM
Duration: Flexible
Minimum number of people: 1 person

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