Full-Day Catalina Island Snorkeling Tour from La Romana

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Activity Description

  • Snorkel at ‘The Wall’ and off the shore of Catalina Island on a full-day boat tour
  • Get expert guidance from the PADI-certified snorkel guides
  • Relax on a private beach on the west side of Catalina Island
  • Eat lunch prepared beachside by an accomplished chef
  • Sip drinks from the open bar on board


What You Can Expect

After hotel pickup from your La Romana hotel you will arrive at the marina for your 9:30am departure. You will be welcomed aboard ‘Paradise’ by the team with tropical refreshments. Your PADI certified dive team will go through the health and safety procedures and will give a snorkeling briefing to ensure your experience is an unforgettable one. The team will assist you with finding the snorkeling equipment that best fits you.

After the procedure is out of the way, you leave the marina setting a course for the east side of ‘Catalina Island’ to the snorkel site known as ‘The Wall’, which caters to novice and expert snorkelers. Life jackets will be available to anyone that requires one. You can expect light refreshments and music carefully selected by the entertainment team to uplift you on your journey.

After about a 30-minute cruise you will arrive at the snorkel site where you will enjoy just under an hour of snorkeling to discover the true beauty of ‘The Wall’. You can expect clear turquoise waters, incredible visibility and an amazing underwater ecosystem. The team will be available to assist you with some bread, to feed the fish as you snorkel in the clear turquoise waters.

After snorkeling you will board the boat and head to the west side of ‘Catalina Island’. On arrival you will be taken to a private beach on the island. There will be a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments available as you relax and enjoy yourself on the beach. The staff will have snorkeling equipment available at the bar, so you can enjoy the amazing snorkel sites off the beach.

Around 1pm lunch will be served. The Dominican feast will be prepared by renowned local chef nicknamed ‘Bobby’. You can expect to taste fresh lobster caught that morning (VIP package only), pork, chicken, salads, pasta and local fruits all prepared in a hygienic kitchen. After lunch the rest of the afternoon will be yours to relax listening to the waves breaking on the shore, snorkel in the clear turquoise waters or to enjoy the open bar and the cool breeze looking over the ocean.

After your relaxing afternoon is over, you will board the boat which will set a course for the marina. On the return trip enjoy light refreshments at the bar and music prepared by the entertainment team. The dive team will collect the snorkeling equipment allocated at the beginning of the day and assist you if you require any help.

At 4pm you will arrive back at the marina. From there you will board a bus which will take you back to your La Romana hotel.


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Short description

Visit Catalina Island for swimming and snorkeling on a full-day boat tour from La Romana. After pickup from your hotel, board the 'Paradise' to meet your captain and staff of PADI-certified snorkel instructors. Make yourself comfortable during the 30-minute ride to 'the Wall', a snorkeling site that is home to a rich variety of marine plants and animals. Continue to a private beach on the west side of Catalina island for a delicious lunch prepared by an accomplished chef, along with an open bar. Spend the afternoon relaxing on the pristine beach or snorkeling off the shoreline. All snorkel equipment and round-trip transportation from La Romana hotels are included.

Activity type: Daily Activity
Activity departure time: 9:30 AM
Duration: 9 hours (approx.)
Minimum number of people: 1 person

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