Catalina Island Day Trip from Santo Domingo

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Activity Description

  • Day trip from Santo Domingo to Catalina Island
  • Learn about the island’s protected natural environment and wildlife from a guide
  • Go snorkeling on a coral reef
  • Enjoy lunch and Dominican cocktails
  • Spend free time relaxing on the beach or dancing the merengue
  • Travel to and from the island by boat
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off included


What You Can Expect

Your day trip to Catalina Island starts with hotel pickup in Santo Domingo for the 1.5-hour drive along the coast to La Romana, where you’ll board the public boat to the island. There will be a brief stop for breakfast and last minute shopping for anything that you forgot to pack for the day!

After the 35-minute boat ride across the Caribbean, find yourself on a small piece of paradise. Enjoy a welcome drink as your guide tells you a bit about the history and natural features of the island, which is part of the Dominican Republic’s protected Parque Nacional del Este (National Park of the East).

With your guide, head to a snorkeling spot (perhaps the Wall, a well-known dive site) to check out Catalina’s array of tropical fish and coral (snorkeling equipment provided). Then refuel with a Dominican-style lunch accompanied by drinks from the open bar, including soda, coffee, beer or mixed drinks like a Cuba Libre or mamajuana, a special island mix of rum, red wine and honey soaked with tree bark and herbs.

Next, it’s time to relax. Hit the white-sand beach for free time to stretch out on a lounge chair or swim in the crystalline waters. If you’re feeling energetic, show off your dance skills by participating in a little merengue with local entertainers and your guide.

When your beach time is up, head back to the main island by boat and return to Santo Domingo for hotel drop-off.


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Short description

Spend the afternoon snorkeling, sipping cocktails and lounging on the beach with a trip to Catalina Island. Set out from Santo Domingo for a coastal drive and 35-minute boat ride to this tropical paradise, known for its palm trees and pure white sands. Once here enjoy a guided snorkeling excursion among colorful coral reefs and marine fishes, then head back to land for a Dominican-style lunch and an open bar. Sample a Cuba Libre, take a swim or soak in the local entertainment. Remember: you're on island time.

Activity type: Daily Activity
Activity departure time: 7:00 AM
Duration: 8 hours (approx.)
Minimum number of people: 1 person

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