10 essential steps to prepare for a Hurricane!

10 essential steps to prepare for Hurricane Irma!

10 essential steps to prepare for a Hurricane!

Hurricanes are the most powerful tropical storms in the world, coming with heavy rains and extremely strong winds. Hurricane’s cause floodings, very high waves and have the power to destroy buildings. Unfortunately, Hurricane Maria, is the strongest category 5 Hurricane in the history of the Caribbean causing damage like never seen before. To survive a Hurricane of this caliber it is important to do the right thing! Here you’ll find 10 essential steps to prepare for a Hurricane!


Step 1.

You should know where to go. If you are ordered to evacuate, know the local hurricane evacuation route and know where to stay once arrived. Contact your local emergency management agency for more information and directions.


Step 2.

10 essential steps to prepare for a Hurricane

Put together a disaster supply kit, including a flashlight, batteries, cash, food, drinks, first aid supplies, medications, and copies of your critical information if you need to evacuate


Step 3.

If you are not in an area that is advised to evacuate and you decide to stay in your home, then plan for adequate supplies. You might lose power and water for several days and will not be able to leave due to flooding or blocked roads.


Step 4.

Emergency Preparation Checklist

In order to prepare best, create a family emergency communication plan.


Step 5.

Most communities have text or email alerting systems for emergency notifications. Find out what alerts are available in your area, search the Internet for your town, city, or area name and the word “alerts.” Also on Google, you’ll find lots of critical information for your region when searching for alerts or warning in your region.


Step 6.

Hurricane Emergency texting

If you’re at work, school or otherwise separated from loved ones when a Hurricane arrives? Often texting works better than calling when phone systems are overloaded during emergencies.


Don’t let a hurricane surprise you! 10 essential steps to prepare for a Hurricane!


Step 7.

Ask an out-of-state relative or friend to serve as the “family contact.” Make sure everyone knows his or her name, address and phone number and this person knows who exactly is staying where. This person should verify that during and after the Hurricane you and your beloved ones are ok. And in the worst case could call an emergency number when necessary.


Step 8. 

Emergency Alert

During a hurricane pay attention! When a storm is on the way, make sure it never catches you by surprise. Listen to a battery-operated radio or television for hurricane reports. The center of the Hurricane could be extremely quiet, once you’re out of the center, the rain, and the wind will start again.


Step 9. 

Never ignore evacuation orders! If you are told to leave the area, leave as long as the Hurricane didn’t strike yet and you have sufficient time to arrive at your destination.


Step 10.

Pets in a Hurricane

Pets should never be left behind during a hurricane, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Take your pets with you, either on leashes or harnesses or in a pet carrier. Add an identification tag to your pet’s collar with your phone number and the phone number of your out-of-state contact. Do not wait until the last minute to evacuate if you have pets. Rescue officials may not allow you to take your pets with you if you need to be rescued.


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